Why Luke Bryan Is Raising One Margarita to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Romance

Taylor Swift Brings Her Dad to Cheer on Travis Kelce

Luke Bryan thinks this country girl should keep shaking it off with Travis Kelce.

The American Idol judge revealed that he, too, is living for Taylor Swift's new romance. 

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Matthew Perry Dead at 54

‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry Dead at 54

The acting world has lost a Friend.

Matthew Perry has died in an apparent drowning, a rep and law enforcement source confirmed to NBC News. He was 54.

The source shared that the incident, which occurred at the Friends star's Los Angeles home "treated as a water rescue" but noted that no foul pl…

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The 10 Best Movie Performances of 2023

The year now rounding to a close was a good one for movies—for real movies, pictures that didn’t spring from existing IP or court an audience interested only in retreads of things they’d seen and enjoyed before. But then, every year is a good one for actors. Even when the movie offerings by and large disappoint, actors never do—and that’s something to be grateful for anytime,…

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