Enyo Studio turns unsold socks into clothes and accessories

How can fashion be less polluting? Today, those in the industry are competing on ingenuity and creativity to come up with a more responsible model, from the choice of raw materials to packaging and production methods. This is something that certain brands are doing on an ad hoc basis, while others are trying to reinvent themselves, slowly but surely. And then there are the emerging labels that are making eco-responsibility part of their DNA in order to help reduce fashion’s impact on the planetคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. Enyo Studio is one of these new labels betting on greener materials, or even upcycling — an approach that’s all the rage, and which involves making new things out of old to help drive down waste and overproduction.Who would have thought that waste could become a raw material of choice for the fashion industry, and many other sectors? A seemingly crazy idea at first glance, this approach could, in fact, address some of the shortcomings of an entire industry. This is something that brands have well understood given the proliferation of upcycled fashion collections. Broken umbrellas, food waste, transport seats and even windshields are now prime materials for creating the clothes and accessories you will (probably) be wearing tomorrow.

While the brand Enyo Studio proposes pieces that could be qualified as “classics,” made from organic cotton, it also specializes in upcycling. Indeed, its most surprising clothes and accessories are made from sports socks, often stamped with well-known logos, including the iconic Swoosh, or the no less famous three stripes. More concretely, the label recovers socks from deadstock or unsold stock to transform them into crop tops or handbags, crafted according to demand to help avoid waste and overconsumption.This gives rise to unique — or almost unique — clothes and accessories with a streetwear vibe, and in striking styles, all with the added bonus of not impacting the planet too much. What more could you ask for? Customization, perhaps? On its Instagram page, Enyo Studio states that all the white socks used can be dyed on demand in the customer’s desired color to offer a tailor-made garment.Note that the brand does not stop there in terms of upcycling, also proposing clothes and accessories from other conscious collaborations. These creations are made from denim scraps, reworked with textile paint, in designs that are as fresh as they are audacious. And, as a bonus, pieces are designed to accommodate a wide range of body types. Sustainable and inclusive — right on trend. 
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